Mount Marcy Shakedown

A note from Jasper’s brother: In preparation for their 6-month excursion to hike Te Araroa across New Zealand, Jasper Jarecki, Sam Bartusek, and Will Shepard decided to test out gear here in the good old USA.

I got to tag along as Jack Durham‘s stand-in because I’m such a good pal (aka I have a driver’s license). We camped near the Upper Works Road trailhead Friday night, summited on Saturday, spent the night near the top, and then came back on Sunday. All in all, we went 20 miles and our max elevation was 5,344 feet, making Mt. Marcy the highest peak in New York state.

Follow @ramblin_men on Instagram to keep up with the boys as they sneak peaks all across NZ!

Filmed on my iPhone 6!

Music is “Wait a Minute,” by Safakash.


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