Day 5 – Ahipara Zero Day

km traveled: 0

total TA km: 102

Today was our first “on trip” zero day (where we rest and move zero kilometers down the trail). Pretty uneventful, mainly just made use of the wifi at the Ahipara hostel, and chilllllllled. The one big errand that had to be run was a quick trip up to Kaitia to reoutfit. 

Sam and I hitched our way there, didn’t take too long, approximately 20 minutes of walking before we were picked up and dropped off at the local Pak n’ Save. The place had a LOT to choose from, much better than the very limited and expensive superette in Ahipara. Sam and I made quick work of the outfitting, picking up a variety of trail mix advertised as “scroggin”. We thought that was fun. We were picked up almost immediately with our cardboard “Ahipara” sign (we had used a similar cardboard sign to hitch to Kaitia) dropped off about half way, and were then picked up again, almost immediately, by an older couple actually on their way to the Ahipara holiday park as well. 


Once the groceries were run, Sandy (who worked in the park’s office, nice guy) helped us set up the DVD player, and we enjoyed a fun mid-afternoon screening of “I Love You, Man” (a group favorite). Later on that evening we all enjoyed a meal of vegetable curry rice, followed by a bit of leftover fish and chips donated by a kind stranger, who perhaps just couldn’t find a trash can. After that, we organized our food for the following days, and got set for bed. Nice, uneventful day, very useful to be able to rest after the long and taxing 90 mile beach. Excited to be moving again though. 


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