Day 13 – Halloween Zero Day in Paihia

Today we spent a lovely Halloween just chilling in beautiful Paihia. Having gotten pretty much all of our chores out of the way the day before, we were able to wake up with nothing on the docket other than to enjoy the wonderful beach town from the comfort of our YHA home. 

Had a pretty amazing and inexpensive breakfast at El Cafe, just down the street from our hostel. 

I had a cappuccino and some juevos rancheros. After that it was back to the hostel to hang out before we headed back out into town for a lunch at Vinnie’s for fish and chips, that were enjoyed right on the beach. At this juncture, Sam and Jasper went to explore the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, which they say is well worth the $40 expense. 

Will and I stayed home and enjoyed a movie at the hostel. Once they returned we made a big dinner of “Spanish Rice”, which paired nicely with a cold can of New Zealand’s Speight’s brew. 

Before bed, I went out on a quick reconnaissance mission to the bar Thirty30 (where we had a lot of fun on the previous “jam night”) to see what the Halloween night life scene was like. Unfortunately, I had to deem it unworthy of going out for, which is probably for the best, as our costume situation was rather lacking (very embarrassing). When I returned with the unfortunate news, we all decided to get to sleep, as to be ready for our big travel day in the morning. 

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