Day 17 – Ngunguru to Pataua

November 4, 2016

km traveled today: 26

total TA km: 365

Hefty road day today. This misty morning was made quite cozy thanks to James’s open air breakfast area. We had a wonderful breakfast of eggs (generously provided by James) and a sausage that we sautéed. 

Our greasy crackling breakfast paired well with a soothing cup of tea, and once we finished sorting the food into their respective packs, the nippy mist cleared up, and we said goodbye to James’s spectacular camp.  We headed into the hills for some steep climbs and beautiful views.

We descended through logged hills, and during the descent made two stream crossings amid intermittent rain.

From then on, we heel-toed on asphalt for almost the entire day.  Pretty hard on the shins actually, made me miss the more forgiving mud and pine forest ground. 

Crushed a quick lunch on the side of the road, descended further to cross Pataua’s gorgeous footbridge, and were able to pull into “Treasure Island”, the holiday park we’re staying at tonight.

 Jasper, Will, and I enjoyed a medium fast ride on the rustiest/sketchiest zip line in New Zealand. It was just as exhilarating as it sounds! 

We spent a little time wriggling our toes between the sand on the beach, made a quick dinner, and took some time to film some “interviews”. 

Jasper provided some relatively basic questions, and we talked through them around our dinner table with his GoPro mounted as to capture the whole conversation. Was a good practice, made me excited for more to come. 


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