Day 19 – Taurikura Bay to Waipu

November 6, 2016

km traveled today: 26

total TA km: 419

We rose at 6:30 and broke camp quickly. Shortly thereafter we realized that the three km to where Pete would pick us wouldn’t take us an hour and fifteen minutes. So we sat on the road shoulder looking out over the beach and ate our breakfast bumper bar. 

At 7:30 we headed up the road past the still closed Old Taurikura Store. We walked slowly, in no apparent rush. As we headed into the third km of the day we realized that it was already 8:05. The path along the water was hard packed gravel, or metal as the Kiwis call it and we flew towards Reotahi Bay.

We got to the landing and found no boat waiting for us. Jasper’s phone rang and Pete said, “want to come up for coffee before we cross the bay?” We happily walked up to his house and he and Linda, his friend (with benefits, as they made sure to tell us) made us feel right at home. With steaming cups of coffee for the other three and a wonderful cup of tea for myself, the two talked to us for about an hour before we thought about leaving.

At 9:30 Pete took us through his garage and Linda told us to climb into a smallish metal boat attached to an old tractor. Linda promptly put on her rain coat, informing us that she and Pete we’re going dredging for scallops after they had dropped us off. 

The bay was choppy, but Pete and Linda couldn’t help but make fun of us for ordering cheap fish from fish and chips places. They told us that real scallops need to have the Orange roe on them if they’re served properly, and to only get good quality fish.

They dropped us off as the sky started to look a little threatening, but we headed off down the beach. Hoping the the beach would turn off onto a side road was silly, so we embraced the tough beach walking. The scenery was amazing. The sea looked like a tropical paradise towards the shore and then darkened into deep blue waters. The countless islands looked as though they were straight out of Avatar. We trudged down the beach, stopping to pet dogs and talk to people about what they were fishing for and why on earth we are walking so far.

As the tide came in we took to the road to save ourselves from going insane fighting soft sand. We found ourselves at lunchtime at a Foursquare. Right next to the store was, unfortunately, a takeaway burger place. Happily we indulged our craving and marched in and ordered a mountain of burgers and chips (fries). 

Making sure to eat quickly so that we could feel as bad as possible before walking again. We hit the road again about an hour after having gotten the burgers. Under the scorching sun, we almost prayed that it would rain on us, but the thunderheads skirted us all day. The burgers ran right through us and we headed for the nearest restroom, which was not close. We made it though.

We hopped back on the beach, walking down a relatively short stretch of Uretiti Beach. Marveling at the elderly naked people parading around on the beach, we found our way off and again walked down the road towards Waipu. Tired and hungry we went into the cheaper Foursquare in Waipu and bought a couple days worth of food. We found that the local pub, or Waipu Hotel, let’s people freedom camp in their lawn for 8 dollars a night. With fifteen minutes of free wifi we couldn’t turn it down.

We cooked a dinner of fettuccine pasta with a side of meat sauce. 

After dinner we decided that the best thing for us to do was to walk across the street to the pizza barn and investigate. Two hours later saw us eating a couple of dessert cakes, multiple pizzas, three beers a piece, and a not so friendly cheque. That all said and done, it was a great day and we had a ton of fun.


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