Day 33 – North Hamilton to Dinsdale

November 20, 2016

km traveled today: 13 (injury wait)

total TA km: 806

Today did not go entirely as planned. We woke up this morning in the Smiths’ lovely home. 

Alas, my toe was still causing me some distress, so we decided to go to the clinic to have it looked at. The walk through the suburbs only served to agitate the already tender condition of my toe. I attempted to hitch my way to the doctor, but had no luck, and had to walk the rest of the way.

Luckily the doctor visit went smoothly, they drained the infected area, gave me a pack of antibiotics, and sent me on my merry way. 

By now it was almost lunch time, so we walked over to Cafe91 in Hamilton, devoured some burgers, and played round after round of hearts. 

After lunch we walked out of Hamilton, which was largely beautiful but eventually became kind of a drag. 

Really heavy city walking which we had grown quite tired of, but our grumpiness was soon alleviated by some good humor, something I am particularly thankful for with this group. 

Once we exited Hamilton, we immediately came out on lovely grassy hills where we walked for a ways until we reached the Pinkerton home at km 806, where Murray let us set up tents for the night (soon he will have a lovely cabin/hut for travelers).

We shared a nice sit down rice curry dish with Murray and Kathryn Pinkerton, and they treated us all to a nice bowl of ice cream before we went off to bed. Glad I got to take care of my toe injury and finish the day at such a lovely spot. Thanks Murray!

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