Day 43 – Taumarunui Zero Day

November 30, 2016

km traveled today: 0

total TA km: 1056

We woke up at a late 7am, rolling out of our tents and made our way into the kitchen. We caught up on local news on the television and ate our scheduled breakfast bars we had leftover.

After a lengthy breakfast we collected the things we were going to send ahead to Wellington. Sam collected nothing to send ahead because he’s already lightweight enough. Jack grabbed a couple of things, namely a pair of socks and his Teva’s. Jasper and I though, went nuts. Jasper ditched about a kilogram of stuff. Not to be outdone though, I found 3 kilograms of things that I could do without, at least till Wellington.

At 9am, we got a ride into town to the post office. Eagerly we walked into the post office and told the nice woman that we had a big package in Poste Restante for us. When Sam’s name didn’t work we started to get a little nervous, but without hesitating we told the woman that package was most likely under Jack’s name then. The second try brought us no luck and we started to panic. Jasper’s name settled the panic and we were brought our ginormous package.

 I got the package that Judy had sent me. I happily opened the package and saw my bowl and spoon along with some much needed dried fruit and some banana treats for us.

We tore open the tattered box and yanked our brand new shoes out. The pristine shoes seemed to glisten as we slipped them on.

To celebrate getting our new shoes we promptly spent an hour at McDonald’s, getting just enough food to get us through lunch. At McDonald’s we saw the five man crew again looking happy as ever.

After lunch, we headed over to the New World across the street where we took way too long trying to appease all appetites and budgets. Jasper and myself settled on buying a little extra food to supplement the daily group intake. Way too long afterwards we left the grocery store to tend to our own needs.

I wandered around town looking through the shops, trying my hardest not to buy anymore food.

By three pm we had all talked to our families and were ready to head back to the Holiday park to make dinner and crash.

We hitched back to the park, and true to tradition, Jack and Sam were picked up instantly and Jasper and I were left to walk a long ways down the road before the same woman came and picked us up.

When we arrived back at the Holiday park we lounged around, showering and watching TV. Dinner time came and we made a huge pot of spaghetti coupled with the leftover potato casserole that the five man crew gave to us. 

After the huge dinner we happily indulged in some dessert cookies and went back to our tents to read and pass out. All in all it was a rest day well spent.
We are looking forward to the next couple of days that will bring us into Tongariro National Park, across Tongariro, and perhaps up Mount Doom.



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