Day 54 – Whanganui Zero Day

December 11, 2016

km traveled today: zero!
Total TA km: 1370

Rest day in Wanganui! We set no wake-up time today, so we staggered out of bed at various times of the morning and puttered around the campground for a couple hours. At eleven or noon ish Jasper, Jack and I ventured into town (thanks to a ride from the park manager Ben) to do some resupplying and get some food for a big brunch to make back in the kitchen.

After stopping at a fudge shop as well we headed back to the holiday park and cooked up some scrambled eggs and tuna and tomatoes, chowed, and sorted out some planning and financial stuff, and eventually posted up in the TV room and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (where the series really begins to take off, movie-wise). 

Late afternoonish our fellow hikers Doug, Robert, Ana, Eleri, Kevin, and a companion they picked up on the river Aidan arrived at the park so we caught up with them and had a nice long dinner of spaghetti with intense sauce and some ungodly cheesy buttery garlic bread rolls made by our very own Jack Durham, and are now aching of fullness as we wind down to bed. 

We’re super excited to get walking again tomorrow; as nice as the rest day has been it’s come at the end of what has sort of felt like a rest week, at least where our legs and feet are concerned, so we are feeling a bit restless. Super looking forward to the Tararuas in about a week! Lots of towny walking to get there.



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