Day 55 – Whanganui to Koitiata Camp

December 12, 2016

km traveled today: 36km

total TA km: 1406km

Drowsily we got up at 6am and packed our things. We made a double run of oatmeal in the kitchen with a customer full can of sweeten condensed milk to accompany it, along with two bananas. We had a tough time finishing the meal, but it was good.

We left the holiday park at a late 8am. The weather looked threatening, but we were in the mood for Harry Potter. Jasper pulled out his kindle and we read aloud the first three chapters. It took us seven kilometers down the trail and past the center of Wanganui. 

We then found the highway.

I think I will refrain myself from talking about how much I hated it. The scenery changed into lovely rolling fields full of sheep with incredible clouds looming in the distance. But it didn’t change the fact that we were walking on a narrow shoulder on a highway. 

The cars and huge trucks carrying sheep and cattle hurtle by at 100km per hour and almost knock you over. With a strong wind all day blowing us in towards the oncoming traffic, I couldn’t have been more miserable. I wished I was in the muddy Raetea forest rather than on the highway.

At lunch, the now six man crew caught up to us. We appeased Jack and let him have an hour long break from walking.

We kept walking towards the oncoming traffic and at around 2pm we finally turned off the highway and onto another road taking us to the ocean.

This road was way better and I opened my kindle and promptly read for two hours. The wind turned cold and the clouds thickened and darkened over us. As we came into town it started to spit rain at us.

We got to the campground at 4, hurriedly set up tents and layered up as the wind came whistling over the sand dunes and off the ocean. Dinner was couscous and cheese sauce followed by a shortbread dessert. The campground quickly became crowded after we showed up and now 9 tents are set up at the free campground, and all of us are headed to the same spot tomorrow. Yay!!

Mediocre at best day for me. I may be forced to ditch the other three and hitch on ahead tomorrow if the road walking is bad again.

Lots of love,


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