Day 57 – Mt Lees Reserve to Palmerston North

December 14, 2016

km traveled today: 33

total TA km: 1475

Woke up today miserably sick. After eating a breakfast of oats and leaving the reserve, I made the immediate decision to hitch straight away into Palmerston North. I was picked up immediately as my friends walked on in the drizzle. I spent my morning organizing and purchasing ferry tickets in order to get into Picton from Wellington. I spent the day sipping coffee and tea, and ate a suspiciously inexpensive lunch at this Indian place “Simply Spice” (all meals under $10, not terrible). Jasper let me know that they had showed up in Palmy around 1:15 (having decided to hitch their remaining 10 km into Palmy), while I was in Majestic Tea Bar. I met them at the Information Center, where they got to see the short hair cut I had gotten in town. Our friend from before, Carol, had sent her super nice daughter Jess to come grab our bags from us (we had arranged to stay at Carol’s mom, Molly’s home). Jess took our bags and we headed to the local cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Solid flick. After that we walked to Molly’s home, where she and Jess greeted us with lasagna and ice cream! Had a lovely dinner and a bath, rest day tomorrow. 

Photos from Jasper, Shep, and Sam’s walk: 

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