Day 59 – Palmerston North to Kahuterawa Reserve

December 16, 2016

km traveled today: 21km

total TA km: 1495km

We woke up at the usual 6am, sorted our food and packed our backpacks. At 6:30 we were ready to go but we decided to stay and wait for Molly to wake up. We wrote her a note and left her the chocolates we got her. At 7, she was up and as cheery as ever. She wished us good luck and sent us on our way with a hug each.

It was a cold morning, perhaps 50 degrees out and I had goosebumps on my arms and thought about complaining but remember that it was supposedly -6 degrees at my house. The walk to the river walk was quick. 

As soon as we were on the river walk we pulled out Jaspers kindle and read Harry Potter aloud as we walked.

Walking through Massey University Campus we paused on the reading and walked along silently. I played the “can I guess what kind of car will be next game.” I got one right. We turned off the road and headed into the forest where we made a wrong turn and headed up many flights of stairs. We decided we’d be better off just continuing along and finding our way back to the trail. We eventually did.

The trail then turned to a gravel pathway called “Athletic Track” and we headed on down and up until we met our new friends Moses and Rita the donkeys!

We entered the hills on a gravel road that was nice and windy. The gravel road took us to pavement where we soon turned off. By ten am we were walking on another gravel road that took us to the campsite at Kahuterawa Reserve

The camping area has a couple of picnic tables and fire places. We promptly ate lunch, set up tents. During lunch we read some more Harry Potter and I went to my tent. By two I was sound asleep. At 6, I woke up and we made spaghetti with tuna. After dinner we made a fire, played hearts, and read some more. Very content we headed off to our tents.

Tomorrow we reach the halfway point in the trail. That’s crazy.



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