Day 65 – Waitewaewae Hut Zero Day!

December 22, 2016

km traveled today: 0

total TA km: 1576

Slept in this morning in the lovely YTYY hut for our planned weather day, which actually turned into more of a rest day to burn a day to keep us from reaching Wellington too early.  Weather outside was a touch gloomy, but nothing that would warrant us not moving. 

Nevertheless, we stayed put in our cozy hut for the day. Not too much to say actually, for the majority of the day, we had the hut to ourselves, cooking oats throughout the morning. Our German friends came by mid day and let all their wet clothes dry before heading back out onto the trail. 

We proceeded to have lunch and play SO many games of hearts, FINALLY unseating Sam as our hearts champion…for one game. He quickly regained his lead, but the rest of us are in an excited frenzy to see our Hearts God bleed. Dinner of couscous with curry, which we thickened with some of our extra peanut butter. Well, Sam, Jasper, and I did, but Will has grown tired of peanut butter. 

Then, at like 8pm, a fellow rolled in briefly and then 30 minutes later, continued on out into the darkness! Hardcore. Successful rest day, plenty of Hearts played and Harry Potter read. 


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