Day 71 – Schoolhouse Bay to Camp Bay

January 4, 2017

km traveled today: 22

total TA km: 1727

Today was our first full day of the Queen Charlotte Track. We left our campsite at the standard time we’ve grown used to, and walked along the wide and flat track for 22km of our day. 

There were a few beautiful look outs, and though the track didn’t offer too much challenge, the bald mud could be super slippery at points. By noon, we arrived at Camp Bay, where there are some tent sites ($8 pp to the DOC). We took a quick swim in the brisk ocean, which was fantastic, and then walked not 5 minutes around the corner to a cafe/bar on the water, where we played Scrabble, Hearts, and read our books for hours. 

Finally, with a light drizzle setting in, we returned to our campsite, and made some spaghetti for dinner. After cleaning up, I returned to my tent to find some of my belongs scattered about. As it turns out, one of the Weka birds had gotten into my pack, and ran off with two OSM’s, the trash, and a whole meat stick. 

After a brief search and rescue mission, we were able to find one OSM, as well as our whole meat stick, with evident beak marks on one end (we salvaged a hunk we deemed not too birdy). After securing our packs with much more caution and care, we are ready for bed, tense with the fear of a returning bird, out for its evening lurk, slinking around the area with its cocky swagger. Beware. 


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