Day 75 – Rocks Hut to Starveall Hut

January 13, 2017

km walked today: 19

total TA km: 1859

Today was both good and bad. In regard to the broad scope of traveling conditions and weather, today was splendid. However, our companion Will had a pretty rough day this Friday the 13th. We started today at Rocks Hut, one of the nicest so far, and walked the 10 minutes out to a lookout (recommend, very nice views, easy jaunt). 

We then set off on our way through some very nice track, though occasionally slippy when inconveniently sloped. This is where Will’s first bit of bad luck came in. 

Will had been walking with a pair of brand new poles, as his previous pair’s left pole had snapped not a week into our trip. Now, not 5 full days into walking on them, his new left pole, alas, snapped again. He was quite displeased. 

After a bit we reached Hacket Hut, where we had our lunch. 

Will came to discover that he had left his bowl and spoon back at Rocks Hut. Oof. Another L today for Monsieur Shepard. After lunch we walked along a small river, being careful to hop along rocks in order to keep dry. At this juncture, Will unfortunately slipped, falling face first into the water, thus completing the holy trinity of a pretty bunk day. 

After leaving the river, we began to ascend some 900m to our home for the night, Starveall Hut. We arrived around 4 and basked in the hot sun for a while, playing Hearts until dinner, cous cous with cheese, onion, and pepperoni. Good healthy travel day for the team, unfortunately a pretty unlucky one for Shep.


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