Day 77 – Old Man Hut to Rintoul Hut

January 15, 2017

km traveled today: 6

total TA km: 1878

Knowing that the weather was going to be bad till about 9:30 we slept in. We lounged in bed, reading our kindles and playing a couple of games of hearts till 12. We ate lunch then and packed our stuff up, reluctant to leave the hut as we all felt that the cozy hut and injured weka needed us to stay.

We left the hut just before 1:00 PM to climb back up to the trail and then onto thr Little Rintoul peak, 500 meters up. We climbed 200 meters to the first ridge in twenty minutes which made us feel really accomplished. Knowing that at the beginning of the trail it would’ve taken an hour to climb those two hundred meters. Climbing the three hundred meters up to little Rintoul summit was astounding. The views we saw yesterday were just as impressive today. The southern alps stretched out all around us and filled us with a ton of different emotions, most of which resembled accomplishment and pride at where we stood. 

The other emotions focused, at least for me, on food.

From the summit of little Rintoul we slipped and skidded down the steep rock face to where the climb back up to the summit of Mount Rintoul. The climb was hot and we were all soaked in sweat, but thirty minutes after we started the ascent we were at the gorgeous summit, with a 360 degree view of incredible scenery. We hung out at the summit, eating bars and drinking some water and enjoying the outrageous view. 

After about fifteen minutes on the decently windy summit we skiied down the rocks the 1.5kms to the hut looking out over Abel Tasman and Kahurangi national parks. We got to the hut at 5, and sat ourselves down at the picnic table in the blaring sun to record an interview. 

In the interview we all talked about how good we are feeling right now about the trip and how we are excited for what’s to come.

We made spaghetti for dinner, played hearts, read some Harry Potter, watched a gorgeous sunset, and are now waiting to pass out after a really good day.

For me, it’s been a relatively tough couple of days. I broke a second pole, left my sandals, bowl and spoon at previous huts. After my really awesome two week long holiday from the trail with my mom and carder I am trying to settle back into the through hiking mentality.



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