Day 85 – Weather Day #2 in Blue Lake Hut

January 23, 2017

km traveled today: 0

total TA km: 1990

We woke up at 8ish today with the weather still bad. It spit rain and had us shrouded in clouds all day. We waited as long as we could to eat; reading our kindles, napping, and playing hearts instead. 

Around noon the weather started to clear and Jasper, Sam, and I walked to blue lake to see it and see what was happening with the weather. The sucker hole above us was awesome for the ten minutes it was there. The lake showed us why it’s the closest to pure water in the world. It’s stunning beauty was quickly interrupted by rain that sent us scurrying back to the Hut.

We decided that we couldn’t do the pass at 2pm, and settled into the hut to finish the weather day. To our satisfaction it cleared at 5pm and we ate dinner shortly thereafter. The hut filled up around dinner and the 16 bunks are now full with people sleeping on the floors.

Tension is apparent as we are trying to figure out how tomorrow will work out. It’s probably mainly because we’ve been cooped up for three days. We are planning on a 42km day tomorrow, let’s see how it works out!!



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