Day 87 – Anne Hut to Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre

January 25, 2017

km traveled today: 28

total TA km: 2060

Wet morning today as we left Anne Hut, a pretty steady rain with full bursts of wind led us through the sprawling wetland that made up most of our day. Luckily, the rain only lasted until about noon, at which time we were able to shed our layers, and dry ourselves in the wind and sun, still trudging through the marshy, though beautiful conditions. 

Soon we arrived at Boyle Flat Hut which rests across a rickety swing bridge, where we had lunch. Not long to Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre where we would be staying for the night. The walking was wonderful, though a little wet. Very wide and open track that remains generally flat save a few rare up and downs. 

We arrived at our lodging for the night at around 5pm, where we were greeted by Ange. Ange set us up in our small cabin, and we each got a frozen pizza for $6. I took a nice shower, and we proceeded to enjoy our personal pizzas and couscous meal. Tomorrow we plan to hitchhike our way into Hamner, which we hope will be an easy process. Sore from these last two days, but feeling full of food and happy. 

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