Day 94 – Hurunui Hut 5 Weather Day

February 2, 2017

km traveled today: 0

total TA km: 2103

When the alarm went off this morning we were all in agreement that it was yucky enough outside to stay put. We only wanted to get 25 km to Locke Stream Hut, and could afford a late start especially if it meant walking in clear weather.
It didn’t clear up outside by lunchtime. Until then we occupied ourselves by napping, reading, eating, and playing hearts. During lunch we decided to stay another night at this hut, planning to use tomorrow’s hopefully drier weather to enjoy the hot pool and wait for the future river crossings to empty before our arrival.
The fishermen who are also staying at this hut came back at lunchtime complaining that the water in the Hurunui had become too cloudy due to the rain and that they wouldn’t be catching anything today. They’re planning to try again tomorrow, hoping the weather clears further so the river can mellow a bit.
By midafternoon the weather had cleared substantially, revealing some beautiful mountains further up the river valley.
Soon, a german man named Johannes arrived at the hut, followed shortly by a Kiwi man, and eventually a group of four we met in Hanmer Springs.
Quite an uneventful but very pleasant day. We finished it up with spaghetti and hearts.

If you’re in the right place, bad weather can be just as nice as good weather.


2 thoughts on “Day 94 – Hurunui Hut 5 Weather Day

  1. We continue to follow your amazing journey, from less than sunny Los Angeles. It has inspired a Kiwi film festival in our house. Which, in turn, inspired Reed, Dov’s little brother (age 9) to write This Haiku About you!

    Jasper and those boys
    Wilderpeople playing hearts
    Dancing The Haka


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