Day 101 – Manuka Hut to Lake Clearwater Village

February 12, 2017

km traveled today: 20 km

total TA km: turned off-trail at 2308

The six of us woke up at 6:30, and had a slow morning as five of six of us visited the thunder box. By 7:30, we were filling our water bottles at the stream next to the hut.

The sky had turned from an orange red to blue with ominously dark clouds looming behind us and in front of us. We headed out through the tussocks, avoiding the Spanish grass when we could. We climbed up a small rise to look at the vast landscape in front of us. We looked out into the two thumb range and down onto Lake Emily full of black swans and Paradise Shellducks. The wind was whipping at us from the west as we pressed on. The track turned from single mountain bike track into a 4-wheel drive road that we followed for basically the whole rest of the day.

It was growing hotter and hotter as the clouds kept parting around us. We laughed and talked the whole was down the gravel road we walked on. Even with the intense conversation and laughter at 10am it felt like 3pm. We continued on nonetheless. By lunch we were all tuckered and dehydrated, so we refueled by a stream looking into the weather coming at us and the two thumb range.

After our lunch we got up and slowly resumed our pace and then kept on cruising. The wind switched on us and started blowing directly at us. We walked into the wind, up and down hills and through more and more tussock grassland, saying hi to the occasional sheep. At about 2pm we had 8km left to the car park where we were planning on staying. We decided however, that it would be at the bottom of a huge wind tunnel and the weather approaching didn’t look inviting enough for us to head there so we rerouted to the village.

We walked around the beautiful and super windy lake, while talking about pizza and ice cream. The little village not only didn’t have pizza or ice cream, but seemingly no one living there. We paid the honesty box for our tent sites and then sat in the shade trying to let our bodies hydrate a little bit.

We set up our tents and at dinner shortly thereafter and then sat around and laughed at our keewaydin experiences and Thomas’ beading habit. Feeling really good about the upcoming days we headed off to bed.

I am still pretty injured, haha. The toe is a bother, my knee wound should probably get stitched up and stings basically all day. There’s a thing in my chest that’s really messing with me. Other than that and Jasper’s feet hurting we are all doing really well.

Thomas and Jack are adding an awesome vibe to our group and we are having a blast with them.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Day 101 – Manuka Hut to Lake Clearwater Village

  1. Hey Jasper. I have been reading all your posts with awe and great pleasure! I didn’t answer before kz didn’t realize how I could. What an amazing experience this is for you. How will you ever just go back to school afterwards? Life will just be so tame it might be hard for you to get used to again. I for one will be so happy to see you again. It has been a long time but I think of you every day and love you massively Your lonely-for-you grandma xoxoxo and another o

    From GJ’s cellphone


  2. You guys take care of yourselves. 🙂 The wound that you think needs stitches is probably too old to get them. 6 to 8 hours is about it, 24 if you are lucky. You can use leukotape or duct tape as butterfly stitches if it keeps opening, but then it should be super clean if you do that. Looking at your pictures all I can say is that I am so jealous.


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