Day 103 – Mesopotamia Station to Crooked Spur Hut

February 14, 2017

km traveled today: 8

total TA km: 2324

Woke up this morning at the Mesopotamia Station where we had slept in Sue’s amazing extra home (shearer’s quarters). For breakfast we brewed a good deal of coffee and enjoyed some boysenberry cake we had bought yesterday. Jasper capitalized on the bath tub and enjoyed a hot morning soak. We left Sue $100 for the six of us and headed down her road and to the trail. 

Very windy down the road until we turned left at a small gate that Wayne had mentioned the day before. We walked through this incredible river valley, crossing back and forth over the chilly river. 

We had lunch along one of the rocky shores, our first lunch in a while with cheese (a welcome reprisal). Jack and Thomas had a little slow motion video shoot. After lunch we climbed substantially to a pretty terrific view. 

Alas, we had to descend all the way back down before making our big climb all the way up to Crooked Spur hut just before 3, making it a short day with our late and lazy wake up. Nice cold stream to the left of the hut for water. We mainly hung out and watched the pink sunset as we ate dinner. Very relaxed day, even with the climbing. Great weather. 


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