Day 109 – Twizel to 2481

February 20, 2017

km traveled today: 39 (Thomas and Jack drove us entire road walk ~33 km)

total TA km: 2481

At 7:30, I woke up and hopped in a nice hot shower and gave my body a good long scrub before five days in the bush. We ate breakfast at the cafe and met Bess, Thomas and jacks friend from home who we then promptly said good bye to.
We piled into their car full of meat pies and other treats and they drove us to the southern shore of Lake Ohau 30km away from twizel where we spent a good two hours skipping rocks and hanging out in the sun with the awesome view of the top of mt cook and maybe aspiring and the range in front of the at the end of lake Ohau. 

After baking ourselves in the sun we decided that it was probably time to walk the 6km we had to do. So we headed off and walked two km’s through the hottest sun and driest tussock dirt track to the shade for lunch next to a babbling brook. Breathing hard with our heads hurting from the sun we took half an hour for lunch and to rehydrate and say hi to the Austrian couple we keep bumping into.

Mercifully the next four km was through the forest. Although it was still super hot, we thanked the shade while we trudge up through the beautiful forest. About an hour later we were at our campsite for the bight next to a nice biggish stream. 

It was only about 3pm when we set our bags down for the day so we hung out and read Harry Potter and of course played hearts. After filling ourselves on hearts and Potter we set up the tents and cooked a wonderful meal of curry tuna couscous. (Thank god for the change of topping on the cous because we were ready to eat bark instead).

Sitting around the really nice fire we built to cook dinner on, we had an hour long “interview” where we talked about the highlights of the past month since the middle of the richmond ranges till now. We got to have a lot of laughs during that as we reminisced on how cool the trail has been up to now, and how it’s gonna be cool finishing it. We also got to talk a little bit about what we each individually want to do after the trail.

We have to push the next 20 days to finish March 12th. Wow!!

Much love,


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