Day 117 – Arrowtown to Queenstown

February 28, 2017

km traveled today: 27 (hitched as much as possible)

total TA km: 2676
We woke up without an alarm to a brisk morning and took our time. We showered and took the tents down slowly, then we split up to go hitch.


Jasper and I headed to the highway where we were picked up by a nice guy headed to wanaka who had us in his car for about five minutes. He let us out and we crossed the highway and we’re instantly picked up by a landscaper who was a really nice woman who gave us some fun ideas about what to do in Queenstown.

One more hitch later we were at the center of town. Fergburger is an infamous burger place in Queenstown but the line was huge at 11:30am so jack decided he’d wait it out and jasper, Sam, and I headed to a cafe. After a wonderful breakfast we headed to our yha, where we dropped our stuff off and then got a message from Jack and Thomas saying that they were at the park and we should come hang out with them for a second.

We said hi to them and they told us that they were going to pick up thomas and Norman’s parents so they couldn’t hang out.

We wandered around the city on our own checking out places and talked to family. Then at about five, Thomas shot us a text inviting us to dinner with his parents. We happily accepted.

We were treated to an awesome dinner at a lovely little Italian place. The food was awesome and we are really thankful that the French’s took us out to dinner.


We may have eventually gotten carried away at one of the lovely queenstown bars… (Ladies night, when folks in dresses drink for free…)



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