Day 118 – Queenstown Zero Day

March 1, 2017

km traveled today: 0

total TA km: 2676

I woke up today at around 9:30. Awesome bonus sleep in after a tough couple sections. I showered and called home for a while. At around 10:30 AM I decided to check out what all the hype surrounding Fergburger is about. I went early to avoid a line and to stick it to society’s issue with burgers for breakfast. Turns out the burgers there do totally kick ass. The meat is pretty great, but the freshly baked bun is the real kicker.

Feeling nice and energized, I headed toward the Gondola station to grab a ticket and head up the mountain. The 5 minute Gondola ride up about 500 meters is very pretty. The view over Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains is awesome. Hang gliders were sailing down out of the sky, and soon the gondola ride passes the luge tracks and bungie platform up at the top. I got out and spent a nice relaxing hour and a half looking out over the lake.



I looked over the notes and maps for our next couple days, and responded to some pressing school emails. Productive time high up!
After some more relaxing up top, I headed back down on the Gondola. I walked around town to run some errands. Topped up on probiotic at the pharmacy and replaced my now super tattered zipoff shorts with a pair of athletics from Macpac.
After picking up some fudge at the candy store, I sat on a bench by the park overlooking the lake and updated the blog until it was time to call my brother and catch up for the first time in a while.
At around 3:00 we all met in the lounge back at the Lakefront YHA to sort out our group finance situation (who owes whom how much $$$ for group purchases). Afterward Shepard and I ran to the post office to ship ahead our bounce box for the last time. Then we went to Freshchoice to resupply and buy ingredients for a hearty macaroni casserole to accompany our movie night. We got four days of food to take us into Te Anau.

We headed home, cooked up a casserole with bacon, pork mince, tuna, Tasty cheddar, ranch dressing, onions, peppers, garlic, and some other good stuff. We paused our movie 15 minutes in to take it out of the oven and serve it up.


Awesome way to end a great zero day. Ready to rock to Taipo hut tomorrow after hitching around the Wakatipu “hazard zone.”


2 thoughts on “Day 118 – Queenstown Zero Day

  1. Jasper the list of ingredients in the “casserole” sounded pretty good until you got to the part about combining bacon with tuna and ranch dressing. There has to be a law against that. Were you guys literally starving?


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