Day 121 – North Mavora Lake Campsite to Mavora River km 2752

March 4, 2017

km traveled today: 24

total TA km: 2752

It was a super cold night and my thermarest was acting up and forced me to inflate it a couple of times in the night but other than that I slept soundly. We woke up at 8:30 and were packing our stuff and I was putting on my socks when I realized that they had plastic on them… I was confused to say the least. I looked at my bag and saw mice or rats had chewed through my backpack to get at a bag of tortellini i had in it. I was thrilled to see that, and on top of my lost phone the week couldn’t have gone much worse. Nonetheless I ate my morning apple and osm’s trying to enjoy the morning.

We spent the morning walking on the nicest flat trail through woods. We walked for an hour and took a break, ate some bars, and enjoyed the swing bridge and the views back up the lake. We keep walking through the awesome forest for another two hours sort of bushwhacking our way through some downed trees to the swing bridge that took us across the didymo filled river so we didn’t have to get our feet wet. We sat at the swing ridge under the cover of trees in a couple of layers enjoying lunch when a South Island robin came down and was checking us out. We sat and tried to talk to him, seeing if he’d come land on us, but instead he found the mesh in our backpacks and was really interested in it. We spent a leisurely two hours there for lunch before we crossed the bridge.


After lunch we went down the river left through awfulness. The notes said that it was possible to go down river left after crossing the bridge as it eliminated having to cross the river later and get our feet wet. That was dumb. We ended up having to slip and slide down rock faces almost into the water and push our way through gorse and scratching ferns, and avoid slicing ourselves open on the barbed wire fence running next to us the whole time.The walk took about an hour to go three kilometers. The trail then finally met back up but we still had to struggle through scratchy plants and regardless of the trail it was still pretty miserable.

At about 3:30 we decided to start lookjng for a campsite for the night. Walking towards a potential campsite we tried to keep our feet dry as we continued walking, making some big leaps and taking our time other places. About an hour later after walking along the fence line we found ourself still wjthout a campsite and amongst some pines that were littered with rocks and unsuitable for tents so we pressed on.

We walked for another hour and a half, scared to drink the water because of the livestock around us. We were forced to walk through cow-diarrhea fields and scale an esker to our campspite for the night. The campsite was sweet though (not sure of the legality), sitting exposed on a plateau well above the river.


We cooked an amazing spaghetti meal and wolfed it down and then spent a while playing hearts in the wind, making sure the cards didn’t blow away.

The sunset over the mountains around the valley we were in and the clouds broke apart and the wind kept on coming, steadily as ever offering an intensely gorgeous scene to say good night to.


Jack and I seem to be in for a rough, windy night. Here’s to the tent not snapping on us while we sleep 🍻.


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