Day 125 – Aparima Hut to Telford Camp

March 8, 2017

km traveled today: 21

total TA km: 2815

Forgive Shepard’s terse tone, it was a bad day for him.

Jaspers brutal alarm woke me from my awesome sleep at 7:30 and Sam forced us to get up.  In the cold we packed our stuff and i discovered yet again that some of my food had been moused.

We got moving just after 8am.  Walking through the wet grass was a nightmare.  We crossed the swingbridge while the sun was still rising and casting a really gorgeous light over the marsh we were walking through and on the mountains ahead of us


We skirted the marsh and got warmed up enough to delayer into our t-shirts.  The cold wetness on the ground was still bad.  We entered the forest as the sun started to warm our backs.


Summertime smell was really apparent and reminded me of summer when i was little

The bandaid slipped off the rubbing on my heel and walking became painful

The forest walking was really pretty

It doesn’t quite feel like the north island forests, but there is still an enchantment with the moss hanging off the trees and the birds chirping and flitting about

At about 11:45 we had to cross a river where the rocks were sooo slippery, jasper and i made it across with dry feet while sam slipped off a rock and jack just went for it

We ate lunch for about an hour at 12:20 with a nice Canadian couple who really wanted us to leave so they could *interact* with one another

After lunch we spent the next hour and a half climbing the 600 meters through forest to the summit st 1024, the last over 1,000 meter peak of the trail.

Almost at the top someone had taken some time writing on the triangles encouraging notes that ended with a goof saying the summit was somewhere in the middle if a dense thicket of trees, it was funny for me at least.

The summit was awesome with gorgeous views of ocean and what might’ve been bluff

We chilled on top soaking up the sun for over half an hour


Jack’s shirt’s taken quite a beating


The descent was steep and tedious


We slipped and slid our way down the three and a half km from the summit to the campsite in about forty minutes and quickly set up our tents and chilled hard

I passed out after making some ramen and was woken to our spaghetti dinner which was really awesome

After dinner we chatted and giggled

Then we pilled into the msr for our nightly hearts with the notion wed play a bunch to make up for little playing in Te Anau but Debra downer jack cut the fun at 5 games

Good day


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