Day 127 – Birchwood Station to km 2870

March 10, 2017

km traveled today: 35

total TA km: 2870

Still looking for our journal entry on this one.  Hopefully we’ll find it.  If not, here’s the photos and a quick rundown:

This was a long day.  The morning was a little complicated as we decided to test out which side of the fence is most hospitable for the first big ascent.  Sam and I went right.  Shep and Jack went left.  Sam and I believe our way was the right way, but it’s hard to tell for sure as we got quite separated on the way up.  We learned a pretty good lesson when the visibility reduced to nearly 0 in less than 30 minutes.  Good thing we experienced this at low altitude and on a relatively warm day.  Fog rolls in fast.  Be careful!  Maybe don’t split up for no real reason…

Very important that you fill your water before the final ascent to where we camped at km 2870.  We dry camped and it was fine because we filled a lot of water for dinner + morning hydration.

The high km count today was a good thing as it eventually helped us deal with Sam’s future foot issues down the road.



After the woods the day cleared up very nicely and walking was mostly flat until the final stretch of our day.IMG_7414IMG_7418img_7422.jpg


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