Day 129 – Longwood Forest to Invercargill

March 12, 2017

km traveled today: 14km walked + 53.5 hitched (medical — sam’s foot — hitch to big city)

total TA km: 2964

I was woken up to jack packing his stuff next to me. I usually roll over and take five minutes before making any movement. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 8am and I had missed the usual “30 more minutes?” So I packed my things and put on the cold clothes waiting for me. Sam had to redress his feet so we left the campsite just after 9am.

The walk was pleasant as we were guided through the enchanted forest along a pretty flat path. The path hasn’t been kept up in a while though so there was a bunch of fallen trees that Jack and Jasper got to collide their heads into. Sam and I managed to avoid them though. The mud was certainly doing its best to make us fall but the 11km in the forest resulted in only a little slip from Jack.


The streams we ran across were yellow but cool and refreshing. No matter how we felt about the water it kept us hydrated and that was important. About two hours in, and watching Sam hobble pitifully along, I was pretty done with the forest. I felt bad though because it is the last forest and I wasn’t really thinking about anything but getting out of the forest. The grey skies certainly didn’t help me enjoy it.

Just before noon we got out of the forest after taking a shortcut through a farm.


As we left the cover of the trees the temperature immediately dropped and the rain started to fall so we were forced to don our rain jackets and pack covers.


We almost jogged down the field to the gravel road. We walked past a farmer who was checking his silo and we waved to him and he told us it was a good day for it. The metal road took us up and down and then deposited us on the road.

Jasper and I walked ahead so that Sam and Jack could start hitching from the road we stopped at. The two of us stumbled onto the colac bay tavern and enjoyed a spectacular burger meal.



Full and happy, we put our warm clothes on and took to the road where we were picked up very quickly by a guy we were in the restaurant with. He turned out to be a principal at a Maori immersion school and he talked about their culture and the education the kids were getting.

Aaron and Greg Dropped us off at the tuatara lodge where we posted up for the rest of the day.

IMG_7466We then cuddled up in the little bed at the hostel and watched The Office.

Sam’s feet are headed in the right direction now that he’s got some fresh antibiotics.  Take care of your feet, folks!


Zero day tomorrow for Mr. Feet, then Bluff the next day.



One thought on “Day 129 – Longwood Forest to Invercargill

  1. I followed you guys from the very beginning at Cape Reinga. Great blog. So, it was sad to see that when you got to the middle of the South Island the daily entries suddenly stopped. Every couple of months I have checked your blog for updates and you are now so close to finishing at Invercargill. I hope that you will do the last entry when you get to Bluff. I am interested to read your thoughts and emotions in finishing. Thanks, Grant


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